Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 Tires: Tests / Opinions

We often often imagine wrongly, Pirelli or Michelin as world leaders in tires, although they are among the largest, it is Bridgestone, the largest manufacturer in the world, which takes the lead. It may seem surprising and yet the Japanese brand has been established worldwide since 1931 with a turnover in constant increase approaching 40 billion euros. A success that the manufacturer does not owe to chance, but to its know-how and its values. Innovation, research, development, safety and quality of tire  are the watchwords of Bridgestone, which today offers tires that are making the headlines in winter tires such as the Blizzak LM001 .


Brand: Bridgestone
Model: Blizzak LM001
Condition: Winter
Type: Passenger vehicles
Specifications: Section width 165-205
Rim: 14 ″ to 16 ″ inches
Speed ​​codes: T, H
Characteristics: Optimal grip on snow, optimized evacuation of water and snow, longevity up to 15% more.


Bridgestone aspires to offer the best to its customers, quality products offering safety and driving comfort. Thus developing high performance and durable tires is one of the brand's objectives, both for winter and summer conditions. So she developed the Blizzak LM001 tire designed to face winter safely and serenely. Among the brand's flagship models, this innovative and efficient tire designed for many cars. The latter stands out for its excellent handling that meets the expectations that you may have on a snowy road. See bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 review to find more information about this.

It is not the tests that will say the contrary, this tire is really efficient, especially in terms of traction, but also braking and is remarkable . The Blizzak LM001 holds the road on different terrains, especially on snow where it offers a pleasant ride and good sensations. Thus this model meets European standards, but also the needs of drivers by safely covering the many conditions encountered during winter, namely, rain, sleet, snow ... So this versatile tire is suitable for mixed conditions.


In order to offer a high performance and versatile tire Bridgestone has used different cutting-edge and efficient technologies. The brand aims to demonstrate that even with four-wheel drive it is essential to have the right tire. Indeed, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 tire offers incomparable grip to summer and all-season tires. This stable performance is partly due to the “Nanoprotect” technology which reduces the heating of the tire. This tire contains other innovations which make it an excellent ally for winter , indeed its tread and the compound of the rubber have been developed to be ultra efficient.

Although not studded, it is the quality of the rubber that allows it to enjoy these grip and versatility on different soils. The tire design is thought to allow good water evacuation, the sipes and their 3D technology allow good road handling on asphalt and deep tread they allow on snowy ground. Its performance is optimized to quickly evacuate water and melted snow, so as to drive safely. Many advantages which benefit in addition to 15% more longevity compared to a traditional tire.

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